As the saying goes, “a picture says a thousand words”. At J Paul Remodeling and Custom Home Builders, our work portfolio says a lot about the quality custom homes and luxury remodels, but sometimes real testimonials from our clients paint a complete picture of the type of service you can expect.

When looking for home remodeling contractors Baltimore, give J Paul Builders a call! We are the home remodeling contractors of choice in Baltimore, Howard County, Frederick County, Harford County, Montgomery County and Baltimore City. If you want to submit your own testimonial, please send us your story. Here are some of the kind words we have received on our past projects. 


This is coming along very nicely, been thrilled with the work of Jpaul builders. If you have not considered them to build your home you are making a mistake.
– Sean Conner

We are getting excited to come down the home stretch. I am happy to say the experience has been wonderful with the JPaul crew from top to bottom. If you have not considered JPaul to build your next home you are doing yourself a disservice.
– Sean Conner

Working with Paul was a wonderful experience! We were very impressed with the other homes that they have built, and after great research and thought we knew that our best choice was to work with Paul. Some of his personal attributes that committed us to working with Paul were his professionalism and the fact that he takes his work very seriously. It was also extremely easy to work with Paul and his entire team. We couldn’t recommend him enough!
– Karen and Wayne Barber

I met Paul when he was building a home for one of my clients. I think that it was fortuitous that we worked together on the project because it was a wonderful process. Paul enthusiastically worked with us to help us realize our client’s dream house. He made the process simpler and more satisfying with his attention to detail and his desire to get it right. The result is happy homeowners who are proud of the results of this collaboration.
– Charles Alexander, Architect

We wanted you to know how fabulous we both think you are. Your attention to detail and expertise in building our home has made this experience more than we could have ever hoped for. We respect and admire your talents and thank you for helping us to create our dream.
– Judi & Steve Fondly

How do we even begin to thank you for all that you’ve done; you’re wonderful smile, but most of all thanks for building us a beautiful home with ease and minimal stress!! (for us anyway).
– Flow & Roger Fondly

Thank you very much for building our house just as we wanted. You have been a pleasure to work with. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.
– Mary & Harry

Our home is beautiful! It will take some time to settle in — right now we have boxes as far as the eye can see. If your ears are ringing, it’s because the first toast we made was to you!!
– Mary Louise & Raphael

Thanks for doing such a great job. Looking forward to a long relationship. My Best!!
– Jay Jenkins, Designer

Jerry joins me in thanking you. Needless to say, the house is just wonderful. Everyone that visits comments on the quality and expertise that went into building our home. We are loving, living in it. Please come and visit.
– Bettye